Violence, Repetition and fascism

political-mother-hands-up (1).jpgHere’s some writing by Sarah Rubridge from 1989 about the implications of violent repetitious choreography. I think it’s still relevant 25 years on. The images were selected by me.

“The vocabulary employed by many artists  [whose work address political issues] is based on the conventions of physical theatre which has its own political agenda. The movement is often violent and frequently self-abusive, their actions genuinely risky and replete with repressed (and expressed) anger.

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UKIP, Hofesh Shechter and fascists

lfe-133_mussolini-on-balcony_19331.jpgI’d like to draw a tentative line between a couple of events from the past weekend. The first is an interview with Tory cabinet minister Ken Clarke in which he described Ukip members as ‘clowns’ and some of its supporters as racist. The second is Hofesh Shechter Company’s performance of two works at Sadlers WellsUprising “a highly-charged work that leaves audiences buzzing” and The Art of Not Looking Back (“Physical, complex and unrelenting”).

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