Open House

DSC_0466.jpgOpen House is a short speech and movement score for 10-60 people. Using verbatim text from the national parliament it makes a game of the metaphors of political debates. If political speech is used to choreograph citizens, can that state-wide choreography be applied to a small crowd? And how might that crowd start to take control?

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On Double Act

Karen Lambk and Gillie Kleiman. Photo: Eleanor Sikorski

Dance artists Gillie Kleiman and Karen Lambæk write about how they worked with another form of solo public speaking in their choreography.

In 2012 we made a diptych of dance performances working with comedy as a starting point. The first of these works, Double Act, began with the stand-up comic in mind.

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Singing and Dancing Speeches

12692.jpgSpeeching is a project to find different ways to understand political speeches, not just with our eyes, ears and brains, but by using all of our bodies.

Speeching comes from a wider interest of mine in understanding democratic politics from the perspective of the body – what actually happens physically when we vote, when we demonstrate or when we sign a petition? Perhaps by understanding – or even changing – democratic politics at this level we can find new ways of doing things before we can think of them rationally.

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