Up on Two Legs is a dance made from the sounds, structures and movement of political speeches. By adopting the archetypal political performance, it asks questions about who speaks for us and to us.

Performed at Westminster Kingsway College (23 March 2013) by Vicky Frayard, Colm Gallagher, Sarah Gero, Eva Percy and Martin Shead.

Choreographed by Hamish MacPherson with Vicky Frayard, Colm Gallagher, Sarah Gero, Steph Horak, Matthew Percy, Eva Percy, Amaara Raheem and Martin Shead.

Thanks to Alexandrina Hemsley, Gillie Kleiman, Lalitiraja, James Martin, Danai Pappa, Vasiliki Stasinaki, Reynaldo Young, Paradise Lost’s Retreat 2013 and Roehampton Dance.