Call out for contributors

I’m looking for writers, illustrators, photographers, scientists, politicos, performance makers…

I am interested in how we can understand speeches and political systems more generally through the body and staging (as opposed to analysis of the content of the speech) – by watching but also by responding with our own bodies.

As well as making a piece of choreography I’m publishing a number of articles from participants and external guests that can offer different perspectives on this subject.

I would like to feature blog posts relating to the physical/performative aspect of political speeches. They could be written (anything up to 600 words but probably more like 300) in any (very clear) style, video, a sound files, photographs or illustrations. For example:

  • reviewing a speech as if it was a dance performance
  • research into politician’s body language
  • first hand testimonies of giving or watching speeches
  • accounts from other performance makers who have thought about these questions in their work
  • drawing the movement of speeches

Email macpherson [d o t] hamish [a t] gmail [d o t] com or leave a comment below.

Thank you



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