When do politicians dance part 2: Dance Diplomacy

b0570-24.jpgPreviously I suggested that dance can be a requirement of political office. I’d like to continue that theme to look at how dance can be a tool in diplomacy.

We can think of dance diplomacy here in the same way that we think of dinner diplomacy – as a ‘soft’ form of engagement, personal and intimate. Dance and dining are activities that involve contact at an equal level – something that is informal, enjoyable, and can operate outside of all other status.

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When do politicians dance? Part 1: All in a day’s work

o04_20049318.jpgThrough Speeching I am interested in thinking about political speeches as if they are dances or performances, but what about when politicians actually dance?

The first and oldest reason is if dancing is an actual requirement of political office; if it is part of a politician’s job. This might seem a little strange but here in the UK, politicians take part in a yearly symbolic and carefully choreographed performance – the State Opening of Parliament which marks the beginning of the parliamentary session.

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